This module provides the bare services of the Bot without plugins:

  • A task scheduler
  • A session service for administrative user sessions
  • A message parser
  • A message interceptor service, where interceptors can be registered
  • A command service, to lookup registered commands
  • A command resolver service, to provide commands shortcuts
  • A simple flood control tool
  • The current IRC session(object)

Three commands are provided:

  • help : It lists all the commands available but can also display help about a specific command.
  • describe : It provides the description of a command.
  • version : It shows the version of the bot.

[00:00] <The_Birdman> ~help
[00:00] <jerkbot> Available commands are: 'brb', 'chuck', 'confirm',
'describe', 'forget', 'google', 'help', 'homer',
[00:00] <jerkbot> 'info', 'javadoc', 'jmx', 'karma', 'literal',
'register', 'ridicule', 'signin', 'signout',
'slap', 'teach', 'version', 'weather'.

You can also ask me about ~help | ~help <command>

[00:01] <The_Birdman> ~describe help
[00:01] <jerkbot> Provides help about a command

[00:01] <The_Birdman> ~version
[00:01] <jerkbot> JerkBot 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT, by The_Birdman