JerkBot is built on top of OSGI and provides plugins.

Funny Commands Plugin

It provides funny commands(random quotes from Homer Simpson, etc.)

Factoid Plugin

This plugin helps the bot learn stuff.

Karma Plugin

This plugin provides the karma(user popularity) comamnd.

JMX Plugin

It provides JMX management to the bot. All administrative commands are wrapped into this plugin.

Authentication Plugin

It allows authentication as well as user registration/administration.

IRC administration plugin

It provides some IRC administration commands(kick, ban, etc.)

Statistics Plugin

It gather OS runtime statistics about the Bot, not channel statistics, but it could...

Javadoc Plugin

It provides Javadoc search engine for JDK API (5.0)

Weather Plugin

It can display the weather for USA cities using a web service.

RSS Plugin

It displays feeds(ATOM, RSS, RDF, etc.) at timed intervals.

SVN Plugin

It displays SVN logs and revisions for a given repository at timed intervals.